Thursday, April 16, 2009

Welcome To TEA Strength

On April 15th I attended a TEA Party in Crystal Lake, IL. What an interesting hour that was. Went with my friend Joanne, her daughter Judy, Judy's daughter, Nellie and baby George (Judy's grandson) which means there were four generations in our group.

There were about 500 people at the TEA Party. We stood for one hour on the corner of 14 and Main in Crystal Lake - a very busy corner. Nearly all cars who drove by honked their horns in solidarity with the messages written on the signs being held by the people.

I loved the one baby George held -- "I've read as much of the stimulus bill as the congressmen". Other signs talked about everything from too much spending to gun control issues and everything in between. Most of them were communicating the same message -- the government is spinning out of control and getting too big and involved in everything!

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